Support services for capital asset, strategic projects, acquisition and project management

Recent Projects
New Airport Terminal
ENGINEERING AND PROJECT SECTION falls under Operations, Maintenance & Technical Services Department, provides the company with crucial technical support services for capital asset, strategic projects, acquisition and project management.
This section was established in the year 2000 to handle the task of revitalizing the KAFCO’s assets and provide better control on contractors and engineering consultants. Later it was expanded and strengthened to handle all the projects including the projects of strategic importance for KAFCO. Section is involved in initiation, supervision and control of multi-disciplinary projects from inception, as well as in the prequalification of specialized international Contractors and Consultants
Some of the recently implemented projects are: New Fuel Depot, New pipeline from refinery, Jet fuel hydrant system of 18.5Kms at Kuwait international airport, 11KV electrical power facilities and Power Factor improvising device, Rehabilitation of fuel storage tanks, Repair fuel pipelines/ equipment’s , Inspection of critical facilities such as tank/pipelines , Construction of new roads/buildings and other infrastructure facilities, Procurement of specialized refueling vehicles refuellers and dispensers, Various Consultancy Studies. KAFCO is already involved with MPW and Civil Aviation in the strategic project for State of Kuwait for construction of New Passenger Terminal from the jet fuel refueling aspect, for which fuel system design is concluded for Phase 1.

Section provides vital link between external parties and the various operating sections of the company from the project perspective.

Section work inline with the KPC strategic policy , adheres to strict quality control during execution of projects and ensures projects completes as per schedule and within allocated budget

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